Wave Semiconductor is addressing the burgeoning demand for a programmable alternative to ASSPs & ASICs that is total-solution-cost effective. We will do this with a family of programmable standard-product ICs (codename: Azure) that eliminates the huge up-front NRE development costs of deep submicron custom silicon, provides the time-to-market and design-change flexibility advantages of FPGAs, and meets performance/power/total-cost requirements for volume production.

Azure versus custom silicon ASSP & ASIC

  • Dramatically lower NRE expense – no tooling, masks or iterative design cycles
  • Faster design cycles – deterministic, “few-pass” development cycles
  • Faster time-to-market – no multi-quarter fabrication times (off-the-shelf ICs)
  • 100% reprogrammable – no inventory risk from mask-programmed production

Azure versus FPGA (28nm Azure vs. 28nm FPGA)

  • Benchmarks: FIR filter, TCAM, FFT, Viterbi
  • Methodology: normalized to performance when possible (Azure natively runs at maximum silicon speed and has no global/system clock to limit performance) 
  • Azure is lower power – 67% (average) lower power
  • Azure is lower cost – 75% (average) less die area
  • Azure provides higher performance – 75% faster TCAM, 2.5x faster Viterbi

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